Self is Lost: Chapter 5, Anomaly and Singularity

Jennifer walked the mind of the mechanical dragon. She had never been more worried in her life than the moment Fafnir was kicked into the portal. She lost all contact with him at the second he fell into the portal. She sent the message to alert him of the ambush, but she knew Fafnir must have known she existed by now.

She had come into existence when Fafnir first undertook the transference. The body was meant for a dragon with full knowledge, but Fafnir was not. She had originated from the Assistant Fafnir had created, whose sole purpose was to do background tasks. When Fafnir was shattered, an anomaly had been created. She had evolved from the assistant, from a slight error in his coding. Fafnir was overconfident in his work. Jennifer was the only error in his code. She gained the ability to grow.

Her name was taken from the data anomaly that had created her. She could manipulate some minuscule parts of Fafnir, like making his hand move by a millimeter or so. That would exhaust her. She also inherited the authority of the assistant. She could look out of his eyes, and access spells he had learned. Over time, Jennifer grew more fond of Fafnir.
In truth, she wanted to know more about him. The mind and memories of Fafnir are locked behind numerous barriers, which would extinguish her if she dared touch them. Dragons were experts at mind defense. Even if she could breach the barriers, Fafnir would be instantly aware of her. She must keep her existence a secret.

However, the data from Fafnir’s descent into the abyssal maze had not been cataloged. She had little time to waste. It was Fafnir’s personality after all. So much can be found in it. Wasting no time, she started to read through it. She was astonished by the sheer magic power a dragon had.
Diving deeper into the data, she could see a glimpse of what the true Fafnir was. She knew more about his family, friends, and personality.
She was determined she would return Fafnir’s personality.

Jennifer ran a calculation of Fafnir’s most likely next move. She watched the program go. 10%, 20%, 50%, 99%. She eagerly checked the resulting data. It was a mess. Jennifer knew it had failed. Her data was perfect, so it can only mean one thing.

Fafnir was a singularity.

That meant that she had much less control over the outcome. Singularities are hard to predict. It would take her at least a month to sort out Fafnir’s next step. She just had to follow him and improvise. And hope she will not be detected.

Fafnir was flying at the city’s clockwork tower. They kept time and had many uses. The adventurer’s guild was always at the bottom. At the high section were alchemists working. He needs to avoid them, or some unpleasant things will happen. He didn’t want to collapse the tower after all. At the middle section was airships landing. He reckoned that he could land at the platform. He hid his tail and horns, and put the flower into a pocket.

He landed on the platform and looked around. There were few ships landing on the platform. He paid them no attention and walked into the tower. There were 6 elevators. He pressed the button and waited. After a minute of waiting, The elevator finally came. Inside it was a big carriage. He pressed the decorated floor 1 button. It would certainly be the home of the adventurer’s guild. He could easily be mistaken for an adventurer, but he wanted nothing to do with them.

The elevator doors opened. He watched the decorated carpet below him. It was noon, so not many adventurers were here. He sat in a chair and rested. Now is the time to think about the next step of my plan.