Self is Lost: Chapter 2, Unexpected Descent

Faustus saw the temple on the horizon, shrouded by the light of dawn. The light would be blinding if he removed the filters in his eye sensors. The sight was truly beautiful. He wondered how it would look like if someone were to record it on white canvas, with paint and brush. He silently took a picture of the sight.
He had been flying the whole night, shutting off his main brain and using only the assistant intelligence and radar to keep him aware of his surroundings. The night was uneventful, with only a few birds keeping him company. They were also heading towards the light, heading to their home. His brother used to have a pet bird, but was eaten by his sister as a cruel joke.
As the sun rose on the horizon, He felt a strange pull from the ground. His wings struggled to lift him, Soon they gave out. Faustus made sure he had the command for the boosters and hover pads correct. The altimeter was dropping increasingly fast, and he began to panic slightly. When he was in range, he activated the commands. The auxiliary thrusters mitigated a lot of momentum, and the hover pads also served to keep his face from crashing into the forest floor.
Faustus recovered from the stun of the fall and started to wonder what has happened. Magic. He concluded. Someone has cast a spell to prevent flying. Possibly with more effects countering the machines that made his body. He just needed to know if it was a protection spell cast long ago, or if someone had seen him fly, and casted a spell in response. The latter is more probable. He predicted. Members of the Resistance being magicians and sorcerers is not uncommon, and they have allied with the elves. Those Damnable tree huggers.
At least he had an idea of what he will be facing. His foes favored ambushes, guerrilla warfare, and evocation. If he is careful, he will emerge victorious.
He advanced further into the forest, hovering in the air to avoid traps. He had not been able to fly for more than 10 meters up, so he would have to travel by foot. The forest was very quiet. He can feel his presence be felt through the forest. Anyone with a keen sense of magic would be able to feel his mechanical shell be intrusive in the peaceful woods.
At noon, he rested on a great rock and checked his sensors. They had only been able to check half the range. A weak machine would be blinded, immobile, and easy pickings for enemies. He silently loaded shrapnel rounds into his coil cannons and prepared his autocannon. Something was approaching.
A bear entered his sight, which is the signal he had picked up on his radar. The bear stared at him for a while, and the two had eye contact. Then, the bear dived back to the safety of the forest, beyond his sight.
Faustus reckoned that it was time to move on. He was extra careful to be aware of being ambushed. He was closer and closer to the temple. At this point, he should encounter soldiers of the resistance soon. The lack of activity was less relieving and more concerning.
Two boulders blocked his path. He picked up something from his sensors. Blurred signals, unrecognizable. The only useful knowledge was that it was behind the boulders. With a smile, he pressed forward.
As Faustus approached the boulder, a set of vines sprouted from the ground. Faustus reacted like a whip, firing his coil cannons before his foes had registered what had happened. The air before him was riddled with shards of metal, and the two forms before him collapsed.
“You will die, mechanical heresy!”
One of the two that had ambushed him spewed words at him. He ignored their insults, resorting to leaping with his boosters, and landed right behind the boulders. There were two more foes, one of them carrying a shield and a spear, with a stern look. The other wore dark red robes decorated with green and carried a rope with mechanical parts. A trophy taken from automatons and explorers. Clearly a mage. Their faces were terrified as they saw Faustus land behind him.
The one with the shield signaled at the mage to flee. Two vines sprouted out of the soil and lashed at him. Faustus transmuted his hand into a claw and cut clean through the vines. He drew his sword and charged the bodyguard, but suddenly shot him right in the chest with the chemical laser, blasting through the shield and leaving a glaring hole in the torso. Faustus drew his sword and charged the mage, who clearly didn’t believe the bodyguard would fall so quickly. He stabbed the sword right through the mage’s heart, killing him on the spot. He was disappointed at how he is regarded. Only four warriors. They will learn soon enough, thought Faustus as he continued on.
Unaware to Faustus, a crow had been watching him. Now that he left, it shapeshifted back to an elf. She quickly muttered a few words to an ear-shaped stone:
“The construct is approaching. I will be back to guard you, high sorceress. Stay alert.”